Rabu, 29 Maret 2017


HI guys ! This time i gonna challange you about CrossWord. It's easy and fun.

Cek it Out !

2. Hijabers usually wears
3. Opposite forget
4. Formal obligation in nation
5. Die by yourself
8. To be for subject he, she, it
9. Verb 2 from spend
11. Lose in a match
13. Same meaning with gender
14. Place where you can harvest milk
16. Something that make you fun
19. Place where you can drink cocktail
20. Equipment for camping
22. Something that we breath
24. Activity in the water
25. Invite person to join company
26. Feather on chicken

1, Perfect, no scratch
5. White thing that only appear in winter
6. Disappear for a while
7. Tame animal
10. 18+ movie
12. Yellow car for public transportation
13. Place where we get something
15. You can see the cloth’s price on
16. Valuable stone
17. Month after April
21. Opponent for dog
23. Instant food
25. Objective for she

Rabu, 01 Februari 2017


I'm very thankful to my old brother. He always accompany at home, because i just live with him. We always play together since i was a child. He often buy me a food and sometime he gave advice too. For me, he is like my parent and a friend too.

Selasa, 31 Januari 2017

Hello,today i'm gonna tell you about my last holiday. My last holiday was going to Bali. It was my first time to go there. I was very excited.
There are so many places that i should visit. Like Kuta Beach, Tanah Lot Temple, Uluwatu Beach, Garuda Wisnu Kencana and many more. But there i was just visit some place.

First, me and my family going to Hussein Sastranegara Airport. We were heading to Bali at 12 am. Then we arrived after 3 hours later. But after we arrived, we did not visited any where, we just go straight to the hotel because we got traffic jam and we were tired. Then we arrived at 6 pm and we get rest and slept for tomorrow.

Second day, we enjoyed the day on Tanjung Benoa beach. We played so many water sports such as banana boat, jetsky, speedboat etc. We also went to Penyu island to see many unique animals. There were turtles, snakes, and sea birds. We were very happy. In the afternoon, we went to Kuta Beach to see the amazing sunset and enjoyed the beautiful wave.

The last day, we spent our time in Sangeh. We could enjoy the green and shady forest. There were so many monkeys. They were so tame but sometimes they could be naughty. We could make a close interaction with them. After that, we went to Sukowati market for shopping. That was my lovely time. I bought some Bali T-Shirt and souvenirs.

In the evening, we had to check out from the hotel. We went back home bringing so many amazing memories of Bali.

Kamis, 03 November 2016

Once upon a time, there was a couple living in a palace. They were Prince Raden Putra and Dewi Limaran. Prince Raden Putra's father was the king of the kingdom.

One day, Dewi Limaran was walking around in the palace garden. Suddenly she saw a snail. It was ugly and disgusting.
"Yuck!" said Dewi Limaran and then she threw it away into a river.
She did not know that the snail was actually an old and powerful witch. She could transform herself into anything. The witch was angry to Dewi Limaran. The witch put a spell on her and changed her into a golden snail. The witch then threw it away into the river.
The golden snail was drifting away in the river and got caught into a net. An old woman was fishing and used her net to catch some fish. She was surprised to see a golden snail in her net. She took it and brought it home. When the old woman woke up in the morning, she was surprised that the house was in the good condition. 
The floor was mopped. And she also had food on the table. She was thinking very hard.
"Who did this to me? The person is very kind." It happened again and again every morning.
The old woman was very curious. One night she decided to stay up late. She was peeping from her room to know who cooked for her. Then, she could not believe what she saw. The golden snail she caught in the river turned into a beautiful woman. The old woman approached her.

"Who are you, young girl?"
"I am Dewi Limaran, Ma'am. A witch cursed me. I can change back as a human only at night," explained Dewi Limaran.
"The spell can be broken if I hear the melody from the holy gamelan," continued Dewi Limaran.

The old woman then rushed to the palace. She talked to Prince Raden Putra about her wife.

Prince Raden Putra was so happy. He had been looking for his wife everywhere. 
He then prayed and meditated. He asked the gods to give him the holy gamelan. He wanted to break the witch's spell. After several days praying and meditating, finally gods granted his wish. He immediately brought the holy gamelan to the old woman's house. He played it beautifully. And then amazingly the golden snail turned into the beautiful Dewi Limaran.

The couple was so happy that they could be together again. They also thanked the old woman for her kindness. As a return, they asked her to stay in the palace.

Sumber ENGLISHINDO.COM Referensi Belajar Bahasa Inggris Online: http://www.englishindo.com/2012/02/dongeng-keong-mas-bahasa-inggris.html#ixzz4P08xndOC


1. Who is The golden Snail ?
  a. Dewi Lamaran
  b. Prince
  c. Raden Putra
  d. the Witch
  e. Gamelan

2. Who is cursed Dewi Lamaran into Golden Snail ?
  a. Prince
  b. Raden Putra
  c. Gamelan
  d. the Witch
  e. Cassan

3. Why do the witch cursed Dewi Lamaran into Golden Snail ?
 a. Dewi Lamaran throw a snail
 b. Dewi Lamaran break the rule
 c. The Witch hate Dewi Lamaran
 d. Dewi Lamaran kick a snail
 e. Dewi Lamaran was disobedience

4. How Golden Snail turned again into Dewi Lamaran ?
 aPlay a game like tic tac toe
 b. Sing a song for the witch
 c. Search a holy flower
 d. Dewi Lamaran has to hear the melody from the holy gamelan
 e. Meditation to god

5. What is moral value from the the story above?
 a. We don't rude to any species
 b. We don't betrayed to parent
 c. Don't be greedy
 d. Don't kill person
 e.  We have to share with other

Selasa, 18 Oktober 2016

Safari Park

Taman Safari is tourist attraction like zoo. Taman Safari Indonesia is located in the village of Cibeureum District Cisarua, Bogor, West Java or better known as Puncak. The uniqueness of this places from other zoos in Indonesia are the Visitor can look around to different place s to get close look at all kinds of animal by means of a private car or bus ride that has been provided by the manager of the safari park. Visitors can also interact directly with feeding the animals.

Taman Safari I covers an area of 170 hectares (420 acres)[5] and houses a collection of 2,500 animals, including Bengal tigers, Malayan sun bears, giraffes, orangutans, hippos, zebras, cheetahs, elephants, and Komodo dragons. Some, such as the Bali myna, are involved in conservation projects. The majority of the species represented are Indonesian.

Visitors are encouraged to drive through the park and it is possible to come within touching distance of most of the animals. Six wildlife shows are offered, including a Wild West Show, Dolphin Show, and Elephant Show. The amusement park section of Taman Safari also contains small rides and specialised exhibits that focus on Humboldt penguins, nocturnal animals from Indonesia and India, wallabies and kangaroos, and crocodiles. Bungalows and camping sites are available for guests who wish to stay in the park overnight.[6]

The zoo used to exhibit two polar bears delivered from Adelaide Zoo after a breeding program. However, one of the polar bears died in 2004 while another died in 2005, both due to old age. The exhibit is now used as a penguin exhibit.

The park also features a small petting zoo built to resemble th Taj Mahal. For a small fee, guests can take photographs with baby lions, tigers, orangutans, and leopards.


1.Where is Safari Park located?
 a. Cianjur
 b. Jakarta
 c. Garut
 d. Bogor
 e. Bali

2.The park also features a small petting zoo built to resemble what ?
 a. Borobudur
 b. Taj mahal
 c. Eiffel
 d. Mosque
 e. Pluto

3. Taman Safari I covers an area of 170 hectares (420 acres)[5] and houses a collection of .... Animals
 a. 500
 b. 1000
 c. 2500
 d. 3000
 e. 5000

4. Taman Safari I covers an area of ... Hectares
 a. 140
 b. 150
 c. 160
 d. 170
 e. 180

5. Theres a show on Taman safari, except ...
 a. Elephant show
 b. Various animal show
 c. Acrobatic
 d. Wild-wild West
 e. Wayang show

Kamis, 13 Oktober 2016


Hello guys
At this time, i would like to promote a good book. It is physics book. This book is writed by Bob Foster. U know him ? He is Ganesha Operation founder. This book is very recomended for you. Although the exercise is little insane. More info about it u can watch this video on this link below. Thanks !

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Minggu, 25 September 2016


Megantara is an annual cultural festival held by SMAN 3 BANDUNG. There were music concert, fashion show and so many on this event. This event begins with parade to BALAI KOTA on the morning. Then the event open gate at 10.30. I went to megantara at 2 pm But before that, i met my old friend. He was y schoolmate at Elementary school. I talk much with him. The gate of megantara is very queue But then me and my friend can go to Megantara. In Megantara, it is very crowded. On there, so many "bazar" which is sellig food. But the price is very astagfirullah. The event was very exciting. But i had to get out at 3.30 because my parent had pick me and we going to cianjur. Actually, the event was go on until night. At night, there were RUN and THE CHANGCUTERS. But i didn't saw it .I was sad